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Snowy Landscape

I am very proud to share my first work in Procreate. I did this following this tutorial by Art with Flo and I can’t believe it actually worked! I have a very hard time with tutorials – I can follow them fine, but the end result is always very different form the sample (and not in a good way). So I am happy to report this turned out great (considering I’m new to Procreate and digital drawing in general).

For this picture I used my iPad 8 and an Apple Pencil 1st generation (these are affiliate links, from which I get a small commission at no extra cost for you). I quite like how this picture turned out and can’t wait to do more of these tutorials. I find it easier to learn Procreate (or any other program) by trying out specific things instead of reading the whole manual. This way I can see how to use specific tools and settings and still get a nice final result.

Snowy Landscape in Procreate, painted following a tutorial

Naaki Tangle Pattern – Inktober Tangles 2021, Day 2

Day 2 of Inktober Tangles 2021. So far, so good. Today’s tangle is Naaki by Nadine Roller, CZT. This one is a very versatile pattern, can be transformed in many different ways, but I decided to stick with the basics with just a couple of additional touches. I tried to add some color with pencils but unfortunately the green pencil is barely visible in the video, as you can see bellow, and in the photo of the finished drawing it looks yellow. Oh, well, I guess I’ll use darker colors in the future.

Naaki Tangle Pattern

Lunar Flux – Day 1 of Inktober 2021

It’s October again and this year (as every other year) I’ve decided to give Inktober a try. I’ve never been able to do more than a couple of days, but hopefully this year I’ll stick to it longer.

So, the tangle pattern for Day 1 is LunarFlux by Debbie New, CZT. This is the first time I’ve drawn this particular pattern and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely use it in the future.

Above you can see a video tutorial of the pattern with my interpretation, of course. Bellow, I’ve done a few different versions of the LunarFlux tangle pattern.

Tangle Pattern LunarFlux

Free Coloring Page 4 – Forest House for coloring

Forest house free coloring page. This started out as a random doodle that grew into a whimsical house surrounded by greenery. I colored it in with Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens, which are great for coloring small intricate details but also get a good coverage for larger spaces. Download the free coloring page in PDF format here, print it and enjoy!


Download Free Coloring Page 4 – Forest House

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