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Dot Painted Mandala Tin with Marigolds

Instead of throwing out this tin, I turned it into a lovely vase using acrylic paints. I had to apply several coats of paint for the background in order to cover all the pictures and labels. Just make sure the paint has dried completely before applying the next layer. (Acrylic paints do dry quickly, but it’s better to have some patience because with such smooth surfaces the paint could come off when you start applying the next layer.) If you use lighter colors – like the yellow I used around the mandala – the pictures and writing on the tin might still come through. Therefore I put the dot arcs and they covered it completely. On the back I just painted dots starting with white and finishing with dark green for a gradient effect. After the paint dried completely (I left it for a couple of days) I sprayed the vase with an acrylic finish spray.

Dot Painted Mandala Tin, front, Acrylic Paints

Dot Painted Mandala Tin Marigolds Back, Acrylic Paints



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