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How to paint a mandala on a misshapen stone

Purple Blue Mandala Stone, Acrylic Paints

I love painting stones and especially making mandala stones. The thing is, where I live it’s very hard to find stones with even remotely circular shapes, so I have to make do with what I find. However, you don’t need a perfectly circular shaped stone in order to paint a mandala. You just need a stone big and flat enough so that you can draw a decent sized circle on. The stone in the picture above was a great find, but it still wasn’t the perfect shape for a mandala. So here is what I did…

  • First, I painted the whole stone a dark purple color – this is your base color. Then I drew a circle as large as the stone would allow. To do that I used a compass and a light blue pencil – that way you can use the mark from the compass as a starting point for the mandala and the light pencil color will be visible against the dark surface. Next, I filled in the circle with dark blue paint – it is wise to pick a really dark color so that the mandala can stand out. I use acrylic paints for all my paintings because they dry fast. For the background colors you will have to apply several coats of paint to get a good coverage. It is important to leave the paint to dry before applying the next layer.
  • After the dark paint for the background has dried, you are ready to move to Stage 2 – painting the mandala. Start from the center, from the little mark left by the compass and proceed as you would with a regular painted mandala.
  •  The final step is to fill the space around the mandala with dots – make sure they are randomly placed to give them a nice background feel. When the paint has dried completely, you can apply some sort of finish to seal the stone. I used a matt varnish for acrylic paints, but any all-purpose varnish for decoupage or crafts would do.

In the picture below, which was taken from a different angle, you can better see the actual shape of the stone.

Misshapen mandala stone, Acrylic Paints

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