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Snowy Landscape

I am very proud to share my first work in Procreate. I did this following this tutorial by Art with Flo and I can’t believe it actually worked! I have a very hard time with tutorials – I can follow them fine, but the end result is always very different form the sample (and not in a good way). So I am happy to report this turned out great (considering I’m new to Procreate and digital drawing in general).

For this picture I used my iPad 8 and an Apple Pencil 1st generation (these are affiliate links, from which I get a small commission at no extra cost for you). I quite like how this picture turned out and can’t wait to do more of these tutorials. I find it easier to learn Procreate (or any other program) by trying out specific things instead of reading the whole manual. This way I can see how to use specific tools and settings and still get a nice final result.

Snowy Landscape in Procreate, painted following a tutorial

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