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Videos and tutorials

How to draw a Christmas ornament

Christmas is coming so it’s time to get busy making Christmas cards and decorations. Here is a video tutorial on how to draw a simple ornament, which would look great on greeting cards or any other seasonal decoration. I used Faber-Castell Artist Pens (Set of 4) Color: Sepia and a brown pencil for adding some color and shading. I used a tea candle for the outline but you can use a compass or any other circular object depending on what size you want your ornament to be.

Border Pattern #2 Tutorial

Another zentangle border pattern tutorial. This one is suitable for designs and drawings with straight lines.

A useful tip: if you want to make a line even finer – just barely touch the pen tip to the paper when you draw. I did the smaller lines around the petals this way since even the 0.1 pen I used for them makes too thick a line for such a limited space. You can’t really see the difference in the video, but it is there.
I used three different sizes of pens for this one – Faber-Castell PITT artist pens sizes F (for the outlines) and S (for the petals) and Uni Pin Fine Line 0.1 for the small lines.
You can make the arches as big or as small as you want. You’ll notice the last two are a bit smaller – adapt the size to your own preferences.

A Simple Square Zentangle Tutorial

A tutorial on how to draw an easy square zentangle design. The patterns are simple and you can do it all freehand (I used a ruler to draw the squares, since my straight lines are rather shaky). I used Faber-Castell PITT artist pens size F and S, but you can use any pen or pencil you want.


Zentangle Valentine Card

Here is an idea how to make a Valentine Card zentangle style. It’s very easy, the patterns are simple, but it’s somewhat time consuming because of the small circle pattern, which I used to fill in the card. However doodling is also very relaxing and you can spend an afternoon chilling out while making some valentines.


A simple Christmas tree tutorial

Here’s a video showing how to draw a simple Christmas tree zentangle style. It’s suitable for beginners since I used very easy to make patterns and shapes. Nonetheless it would look great on Christmas cards and other holiday decorations. You can also use it to make small Christmas gifts such as bookmarks, coasters and ornaments.
I will soon be posting pictures of some Christmas postcards and bookmarks I made.