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Floral Zendoodle Video

An impromptu video I made by just setting up the camera and doodling without any preparation. For all my previous videos I planned the design in advance, but this turned out to be fun and in the future I’ll continue to make more of these videos. The pens I used: Faber-Castell PITT artist pen S and Uni Pin Fine Line 0.1.

Free Coloring Page 2 – Floral Zentangle

Decided to make this intricate floral zentangle into a coloring page for everyone who likes to color pictures with numerous details. Of course, I tried it myself first and it turned out to be a really relaxing and fun experience. As you can see the result looks good. You can download the free coloring page in pdf format here. Have fun!

Black-and-White Floral Zentangle, available as a free coloring page for download Free coloring page 2 - Floral Zentangle - Colored Sample

Download Free Coloring Page 2 – Floral Zentangle

Tangled box

A great idea to reuse plastic containers is to paint them with acrylic paints, then doodle on them with permanents markers. Here is a tangled cotton swab box in which I now keep hairpins and hair-clips.


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